Ladies Area

If you are the type of women who likes to have their privacy while they work out then the ladies area at Squashlands is going to suit you.
The Squashlands ladies area is situated away from the main gym and in a private location up stairs.
With all the latest Technogym® equipment, this ladies area is fully equip to make sure that your body is well toned and healthy all year round.

Myth One: You have to do a lot of sit-ups to trim belly fat
It is not possible to trim isolated areas of the body by doing specific exercises. You will lose weight by increasing the number of calories you burn in proportion to the amount of calories you take in by eating,

Myth Two: You will look like a body builder if you use weights.
Lifting weights two or three times per week, performing only one exercise for each muscle group and limiting overloads, will not cause your muscles to develop. Muscle development in body builders is the result of extended, daily weight-training sessions, performing several exercises per muscle group and using special techniques specifically to develop muscles.

Myth Three: Exercising for anything less than an hour is a waste of time.
Twenty minutes of exercise, three to four times per week, will give you better results than one hour of sporadic exercise, The frequency and regularity with which you work out are more important than the amount of time you spend exercising.